Love the Sound of Audirvana origin, but

Love Origin’s sound, but at first I despaired of its interface. All I wanted was the ability to access my music folders in the same order as on my hard disc. Frankly, I couldn’t make head nor tail of all the other navigation options.

I could have abandoned my trial right there, but thought no, I’ll check by emailing the support team to see whether there’s a way to see my music folders. Glad I did, because it’s simple – you just click the incredibly tiny eye icon just to the right of “LIBRARY” when lo and behold, you get everything you wanted.

In the spirit of constructive criticism, I think the icon should be much larger and have maybe a mouseover message telling you what it does (Maybe “click for folder view”?).

And another small point that irritates me a little is that in dark mode, the contrast between the dullish purple of selected items (also the so-far-played part of the waveform display) and the white unselected bits is hard to make out. I feel a more marked contrast would be very helpful. Maybe a different and lighter shade of purple or even some other colour?

On the plus side (would be a shame to only post about the irritations), I’ve found that as soon as I create a new music file in one of my folders on the hard drive, it appears in the related folder on Audirvana. That would stand to save me so much time in future because in the past, using AIMP – which doesn’t seem to do that – It’s two separate exercises, and the problem is compounded by my making periodic backups on backup discs.

So thus far, after about a week of my trial, I’m warming to Origin. Still not 100% sure I’ll buy it, but it’s looking encouraging…


Well, since my last post, I’ve upgraded my version of AIMP – which was a couple of years old – with the very latest version (5.03 build 2398).

Now it’s become more difficult because the new version sounds better to my ears and so it’s become very difficult to distinguish between it and Audirvana.

So basically, for me, the one thing that Audirvana still has going for it is the way it automatically updates one’s folders in folder view. I’m not sure that’s enough for me to buy it.

I still much prefer AIMP’s interface and general ease of use, and there are a dozen or so skins to choose from if I ever wanted a change of appearance.