Lyngdorf MP60 - Audirvana always finding the player

For years I’ve had problems with my Lyngdorf MP60 2.1 not consistently loading as an output in my Mac for Audirvana. Finally it loads l00% of the time. First I start Audirvana studio and then click on the outputs. At first it just shows the MacBook Air player. But now, when I open MP60 2.1 second and select DLNA as the source it shows MP60 as the player. It’s like when I load MP60 DLNA after first loading Audirvana it acts as a trigger. I’m guessing this trigger effect would also happen with other hardware. If MP60 is already started before Audirvana, MP60 often will not show as an output. Now it always works.

Hi @oneartist,

This is probably due to our partnership with them, we are working with them to make your device “Plays with Audirvāna” certified. You can see Lungdorf as one of our “coming soon” partners on our partner page:

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