Mac Mini 2012 with Catalina vs. new M1 Mac Mini with Big Sur

Hello! I have a late 2012 Mac Mini that I have loaded up as much as possible…16G memory, 2 internal SSD drives (one for OS and one for my music), and running Audirvana +, but now I can upgrade no further than the Catalina OS. My question is this…is there any audio advantage (better sound, less noise, etc.) to going to a brand new Mac Mini, such as the 2020 version with the M1 chip and running the Big Sur OS? For me, bit perfect is of course the ultimate goal. As a secondary question, do the Dynamic Range and Replay Gain settings affect the ‘bit perfect’ side of things? Thanks!

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I can’t address the difference in machines/OS’s re: bitperfect but as the owner of an M1 macmini I would advise caution in upgrading as always. Audirvana works fine on this machine as far as I can tell (I’m a new user, still on my trial period) with the exception of a couple of crashes the latest version may have fixed.

But I have had trouble with other aspects of the machine. I had to spend an afternoon on the phone with Apple to address machine panics, and have had a lot of trouble with screen sharing (not sure if it’s related to M1 or Big Sur or something else yet).
And the 11.2 upgrade introduced a bug in mounting a disk from another mac that affected loading my library in Audirvana.

The M1 and Big Sur are both very new, so if what you have works well, save yourself some headaches and stick with that.

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