Mac Mini M1 and streaming to LS50WII via UPnP


i have currently the issue that i get pink noise sound output from my loudspeakers on using audirvana.

My setup is as follows:

  • Mac Mini M1 (OS: 11.2.1, 8GB, 256 SSD, 1TB external SSD)
  • connection via ethernet cable and ethernet to the network
  • Audirvana 3.5 latest

On playing Norah Jones - Come away with me (24 Bit, 192KHz) i got suddenly „pink noise“ from the ls. Trying another song after some seconds the same behaviour.

What i did is using audirvana remote and switched off the display. Till now this approach worked fine for me.

What i‘ve now seen is:

  • the mac seemed to loose the display connection, on switching the display on, the screen was only used for a quarter. The upper left rectangle is used for displaying the complete mac desktop
  • on stopping and restarting the playback in audirvana the sound started again and fine.

Therefore … who is responsible … the mac … audirvana or both i dont know.

Any comments? The plausible approach is the update to mac os 11.2.1 from yesterday. But nevertheless … potentially audirvana can detect a misbehaviour on the sound output? As restarting the playback solved the issue.

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On restart of the mac min i got the error message from audirvana

  • Ethernet - error initialuizing upnp stack

After restart of the application it worked again

… looks like a problem of audirvana with the mac os … and/or rosetta …

Hello @ArndH,

Have you tried to reset the network configuration of your KEF?

Hi Damien,

no my workaround is:

  • switch off display sleep mode
  • prevent mac from going to sleep mode

as all other devices has no problems with the network configuration i want to avoid resetting the network config. As i‘m using wired mode for the kefs and resetting this is always a hazzle as the default is wireless. And the kef control app is not useable with wired mode…

This is working till now without problems. But i‘m still observing this topic …

Withe the remote control app this setup is a fine headless system … great!

Nevertheless there are some more or less minor possible improvements senseful for audirvana.

In a hometheater setup with using a tv as display and huger watching distance i‘m using a low display resolution which leads to the „problem“ that selecting a music track for playing is les comfortable as the selection region is only really small. can be increased… e.g. through switch off the preview of other albums…

Using a network drive with longe file pathes can lead to have a bibliothek with some files missing, even if they are present in the filesystem. I needed some tin eto figure out that the pathes are too long. Audirvana simply ignores musc tracks which has problems. An indication that a music track was found but can not be displayed would be helpful for diagnostic purposes.

But i like audirvana … :-)!

Not sure this helpful to you, but after fiddling with different setups for my Mac Mini (2019), wireless LS50 and Audirvana, I found it simplest to use a high grade usb cable to link the speakers and the the Mini. I have had absolutely no problems with this setup, and excellent acoustics. I control Audirvana through the mac a big screen TV display. I fiddled with the android control for Audirvana, and decided I had better things to do with my time than fuss with it. I have a large mixed music library with lots of different file types.

R Harrison

Thank you for the feedback.

As the LS50WII has no usb input i‘ve to use either HDMI or Ethernet.

The topic with sleep mode and the graphic resolution seems to be common to Big Sur 11.x. I‘ve seen this at reddit …

The topic with the upnp stack is related to the sleep mode and audirvana.

Both disappeared since preventing the mac from going to sleep.

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