Mac Mini, Origin, WiiM Amp - advice sought!

Hello all,
can anyone suggest the best way of directly connecting my Mac Mini 2014 (mojave) running Origin, to the WiiM amp. Currently I’ve an ancient Griffin iMic as a DAC of sorts attached via USB to a 3.5 jack to audio-in on a very basic amp. Audirvana sees the Griffin and the Mac midi app does too and both work with it fine.
I could go with this into the WiiM amp audio line-in but I guess I would lose the possibility of Audirvana accessing the WiiM amp’s DAC? Is there a way of connecting to take advantage of this and link the DAC to Audirvana?

Also how would gain control work within Audirvana and the amp?

Please advise - as you can see I’m a bit baffled and thank you in advance for helping me work out the possibilities here.

Maybe I lam missing something in your question but I notice from the specs for the Wiim Amp it has both wireless and 10/100 Ethernet capability. So you could connect the Wiim to your home network and stream wirelessly (or wired to the Wiim) using chromecast? It should appear in Audirvana automatically.

I note from other forums the Wiim UPnP/DNLA implementation is somewhat limited but you can see if that works also.

Perhaps someone who has a Wiim Amp can add some more experienced opinions……

Thank you - the Ethernet connection sounds promising - I’ll take a look in the forums.
I’m looking at getting a WiiM Amp so it would be great to know from anyone if when wirelessly connected or Ethernet wired/ with UPnP the WiiM’s internal DAC is seen and able to be used by Audirvana - anyone with hands-on or similar?