Mac or windows for Audirvana Studio?

I’m currently running Audirvana Studio on a Windows 11 SFF PC and have no complaints. That said, I have a late 2012 mac mini sitting on the shelf, and I’m wondering if there is any SQ difference between the Windows and Mac versions of Studio. Personally I’d doubt that, for it would not reflect well on Audirvana to tolerate SQ variation among supported platforms, but I’m curious none the less.

On the Windows Studio, I use Kernel Streaming with upsampling to max hardware frequency (Kernel Streaming did not want to work unless upsampling was set up)

You should be able to get your feet wet with your existing license and trust your own ears with your own setup over time. I too am still stuck in the 2012 Mac world but enough from me. Get your .DMG file downloaded/ installed and, again, trust your own ears = )

I am using Windows too and happy as well. I tried MAC with M1 and found Windows to be better, perhaps the kernel streaming, …

I use both and have not come to a definite conclusion. But - my system, my ears; YMMV.

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