Mac OS - ability to see file details including folder name

The feature I am missing (on Mac OS) - or at least I have not found it - is the ability to right/option-click a file to reveal where it is stored on the file system. Something like the “Reveal in Finder” option which is available in many applications. For me this is a pretty important/obvious feature. For my use case - see below - but also for deleting one of two duplicate versions which I would happen to have in my library. The “File Location” is a field which can be added to the display… but you cannot select it to copy it (which would be a work-around). Is this available ? Planned ?

Use case: I use some of my own music and commercial music in videos I edit. For that I search for music is the catalog… by style/artist/title/tag… and then copy the identified file into a separate location for use in the video editing software.

click the enveloppe on the right and it will show you the folder it is in…

Thanks ! That’s it indeed :grinning:

I am new to the program and it was not clear that this view is only available when your have a file selected… you can select an album in the browser… have a file playing… but only when you actually have a file selected the location shows (obvious once you know it :wink:)

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