Mac to Devialet USB issue

I use Audirvana on a 2020 Mac Mini with a Melco as library and renderer into a Devialet 220 Expert Pro CI.

I tried the Mac (USB< >USB) into the Devialet last night and was pleasantly surprised. I decided to try the Direct Mode hack - unaware it wasn’t going to worK because of the latest Catalina update I applied last week. Couldn’t get Direct Mode to work - no surprise.

Decide to reinstall the original IOAudioFamily.kext file - this is where the problems start.

With all security (T2, Gatekeeper and SIP switched off) I can still connect a USB DAC (tried both a TEAC ampDAC and my Devialte - both work). Reinstate the security and NO USB DAC is seen in the sound preferences or by Audirvana onlt network connections are available.

I would like to listen some more to the Mac to Devialet USB connection. Question. How to restore it? My original KEXT file only works with no security. Should I reinstall Catalina from the recovery partition of the Mac Mini? As it seems direct mode is never going work for me now should I just update to Big Sur? Anyone else been in this situation?

The Mac Mini is only running Audirvana and absolutely nothing else.

Yes reinstall from time machine back up or new catalina fresh install, forget direct mode forever :smiley:

you can go with Big Sur fresh install and wait for Audirvana to adjust to it… at least you don’t have a new M1 Apple chip computer to had to new bugs… Oh, you have, 2020? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll give it one more try with the latest instructions you’ve posted (with the 4th line of code) - then it’s back to a clean Catalina install. The Mac Mini is 2020 but last of the Intels and not M1. Hear what you say about bugs and Big Sur/Audirvana - I’ve enough problems with Audirvana playlists without adding problems with covers!