Mac to PC migration

Dear friends,
I just made this topic after my migration from Mac to PC of a very large collection of Hi-res music files.
mostly my own recordings or remastering 16/44.1 to 24/96. I m using the same DAC and headphones (audeze) on all my equipments.
I must say that the rendering of audirvana on PC is, to my surprise more accurate than on the Mac.
My last “multimedia” Mac was similar to my PC - mini 2018 i3 tweaked to accept direct to DAC, PC : i3 7100 on a mini itx gigabyte., I think that an overpriced i3/16go/512go mini at 1428 euros is not at a level of definition than a 480 euros i3/16go/512n.2 nvme ssd, 480 euro with win 10 home.
Please don’t trash me, I’m a 60 year old apple fanboy and my first Mac was a Macintosh 128 in 1985.
but fact is fact.
Damien, bravo for the development of the app, I’m sure it has been really costly and you have pulled a blinder here.
Best regards

Fred, it was just the opposite with me. I went from PC to Mac using a Mac-mini i5.
I found the quality much better in the IOS system. I used Audirvana for a long time on Windows, but on Mac it’s just wonderful.

On Windows with Audirvana, Fidelizer plus AudiophileOptimizer, and on Mac only with the operating system and Audirvana, the sound quality is much better.

Dear Reynaldo,
I understand the attraction of a “desire for a designer sound from Apple” from the audiophile community, I was myself addicted to Naim Audio original designer (Julian Vereker) sound for years.
From a sound engineer point of view, I hear more details from audirvana PC than audirvana Mac, specially from the new -T2 Mac- even in direct mode. The pc drivers are even more precise with in ASIO than with WASAPI (it not supposed to happen) . The only problem is that I have to reboot the PC to send it back to WASAPI for other softwares. I’m listening mostly to my own recording with Audeze headphones and have a pretty good idea of what was the original music and the faults of my recordings. On other records I have even discovered details I have never heard before, like rumble of the aircon in the studio or faint sound like the vibration of the NY metro under the scene.
This, of course, does not concern audiophile listeners but proves the quality of restitution of all the details of the recording by Audirvana PC.
Best regards

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