Mac VS. PC? Whats the best?

Hey Guys! I use Audirvana on Mac for years now and the selling point was always the possibility to get bitperfect sound and avoiding any API layer of the OS.

But now, I had the chance to test the Kernel-function for Window and I “have the feeling”, that the sound is (much) better. “Better” is a big word, maybe different?

I use the same equipment (KEF LSX via UPNP or TOSLINK).

What is your oppinion? I can’t test the setup via A/B, it just takes too long to switch the streams and deactivate the licence.

What is the technical background? Is the Windows version the “better” one right now? I have to check this in the long run, but maybe you guys already did?

Thanks in advance!

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I can upsample easily with windows, MacOs does not work at all with upsampling and UPnP to the KEF LSX…