Mac, What are the ideal Midi settings?

I am currently running - (Intel Mac mini)

To avoid up/down sampling interpolation, what are the correct “Audio MIDI Setup” settings I should be using? Does Audirvana override the settings?
How does Origin handle these same setting?

Audirvana bypasses the audio midi settings as it takes exclusive control of the hardware. You specify settings in Audirvana. Origin takes exclusive control of the hardware in the same way as 3.5 with a more modern UI and features added.

@Djm1960 Are these the settings that you mention will bypass the Audio MIDI Settings control panel? (see image attached)

Not really. Audirvana always has direct and exclusive access to the audio device (DAC selected) bypassing the internal audio mixer. Turning on sysoptimiser if you like is a further step and assigns a high priority to Audirvana over other computer hardware/software system processes to further minimise the potential for signal jitter and interference. You should turn it on and leave it on extreme.