MacBook Air with SoundBlaster Omni 5.1 Surround

So I am pulling up on the tail end of my 30 day free trial and I would be on board for making the plunge, but for one issue that I can not seem to resolve.

My MacBook Air utilizes a SoundBlaster Omni 5.1 Surround USB device which works with 5.1 channel playback on Apple Music. However, I can not seem to play 5.1 surround using Audirvana not matter how much I tweak the settings.

Anyone conquered this dragon before or is this simply not going to work given the hardware/software interface?

Hello @andrewjohn007,

Can you check in Audio Midi setup of you are able to see your output as 5.1?

Audio Midi will only allow 'Built in Output" as the active option. When attempting to switch output to Surround 5.1 the “Use this device for sound output” option appears as being available, however right clicking to set the option is ineffectual and the option remains as “Built in Output”. Thank you for the reply! Standing by