MacBook as remote

I have previously used Audirvana with good result and made the mistake of buying Volumio Rivo which has been a train wreck.

My question may seem odd but I’ll explain. I would like to use my iPad as my built in (my rack system) player and my MacBook as remote. I previously did just the opposite using iPad as remote, but it is a bit cumbersome to carry my laptop back and forth from one place to another and connecting it. That’s where Rivo came in, I was able to install it with a custom fixture for it and have never been happy with it, so back to Audirvana.

I want to install my iPad in my rack but use my MacBook as remote. I have a rack mount solution for iPad already, having installed it before, but with no remote there was no benefit. So there is my question; Can I run Audirvana on my iPad and use my MacBook or even my phone as remote?

It’s impossible, Audirvana runs on Windows and macOS only, there is no version for iOS/iPadOS

but you can run Audirvana on your Mac, use the Rivo as a network UPNP renderer and install Audirvana remote on your iPad

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I have two Macs. One intel Mac where Audirvana Studio is running on and a M1 Mac where the iOS Remote Audirvana app is running. Works OK for me. So, yes, on a Sillicon Mac the remote app is working.

Actually the question was how to run Audirvana (not remote) on iPad …