MacOS Finder and Audirvana


Maybe somebody can help me with this?

I am running Audirvana on a MacBook pro (Catalina OS). The issue is that if I move or delete a file or folder in the Finder, Audirvana stops playing immediately and I need to restart playing. Basically, if Audirvana is playing I can’t do anything in Finder without making Audirvana stop.

Do you know what might be going on here?

Thank you.


Maybe you can check here… i have nothing in Full Disk Access and no finder, so not sure :slight_smile:
Audirvana as to have previleges given in Catalina Security

Unfortunately this didn’t work - same problem - thank you for the suggestion though.

I have a similar set-up. In Audirvana ‘Sysoptimiser’ various settings increasingly disable Apple basic operations to favour audio reproduction. Re-check what you have enabled here and ‘back-off’ the optimisations till the stuff you want to work - works !
I suspect the full-on optimisation only benefits very Hi-Def playback.

Thank you jazznick. This issue was ultimately resolved by going into System Preferences - Sound and de-selecting ‘play user interface sound effects’.