macOS Monterey Beta 10 with Studio or 3.5.46

i know it is not released yet, but i just want to inform if some would like to try it
before its release date. :slight_smile:

As for september 1, beta 6.
Audirvana Studio works the same for me as on Big Sur…
but i need more patience for some things…

First if i open my MacMini 2018 in the morning for the first time of the day, Studio don’t see my plugged USB DAC like on Big Sur. I simply have to remove the usb cable in the back of the Mac Mini and plug it in right after… If Audirvana Studio is already open, it will switch instantly to my DAC… no big deal, yet since i open it once a day…

It is the same for Audirvana 3.5.46 have to unplug the back of the Mini,
then replug it, ok too, if Audirvana is open.

For me it sounds as good or can’t see any difference with Big Sur to Monterey for sound quality…

The annoying thing is the library view. All is still good with 3.5.46 Thumbnails view.

Thumbnails View in Studio version, never works the first time…
you always have to click List view then re-click Thumbnails view… then you see them.
But if you want to go back, it is blank, you have to re-click List View then after Thumbnails view,
then it works again :slight_smile:

Since Artists have only Thumbnails View, no List View, i can’t see nothing,
can’t use that mode: Artists view… just the view… they are there if you Search…

All Radios menus and Podcasts menus have only Thumbnails view…
so i cannot see any Radios or Podcasts and their submenus…
i don’t use them anyway :slight_smile:

If i click one of my Playlists that are set to be seen in Thumbnails,
also i cannot see them first, have to click List View, then Thumbnails…

I have a bass little booster plugin Fabfilter pro Q3,
still works and both version with Monterey beta and
i don’t stream on any version, so i can’t say anything on that.

That’s about it… you were told… :slight_smile:


For that DAC that disappears, it’s not an issue. A Mac does not need to be shut down or to reboot more than often than once a week or two weeks. It’s not a PC.

For the thumbnails, do they disappear also from the screen of the remote?

The remote simple as it is right now is OK with Monterey or ios 15 beta. Artist thumbnails or albums thumbnails works.

For the dac to be unplug to be seen, it is a bug…
I decide to shut down my mac or not :grinning: was always seen on open before.

Do other players also have problems with the display of their thumbnails with Monterey or did you try it only with AS and A3.5?

JRiver and HQPlayer are OK with thumbnails display

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Same results here, bit of issues navigating but you can get to where you want to with some back and forth. Sound quality is great UPNP still some hiccups. I’ve created a radio station playlist of hi-rez links works a charm.

In previous years, I subscribed to the public beta testing of Big Sur and Catalina. This year, after the AS trial, I had no will to do it.

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Hello everyone,

Here is the first preview version of Studio with Monterey, can you try it and share your feedback in this thread?

Working now for me as said to Damien.

Only the unplugging of the dac at startup remains, but that, is to Apple to repair, since my dac doesn’t appear in audio midi setup at mac mini 2018 startup. :grinning:

Initial results very positive, all buttons on left column work first try. Will be trying more functions and report any problems here.
Thanks for looking into this.

Update… beta10 tonight of Monterey after installation and a restart to see if macmini was still fine, just to be sure, my dac was on by default like before, no more removing and put back cable to see it at startup :grinning:

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Thanks for the heads up, It seems to be getting better and better. Still the UPNP needs work. Damien has a pretty good sized list I’m certain.

ShaZam…No smoke seems good. Perhaps we should update the title of this post?