macOS Sonoma 14.0 and Origin


Just for the ones who cares,
i installed the beta of Sonoma and all is running well
like on Ventura before on my late 2018 Mac Mini.

The only thing that bug at first after installing the beta, was LittleSnitch.
I was connected to wifi, but no internet connection :slight_smile:
There is already a nightly built of LittleSnitch 5.7, that works with macOS 14.0

So, if you have LittleSnitch on your system already, better update it before
installing Sonoma or have it already downloaded for after the System update :slight_smile:

It happens with LittleSnitch at each update of macOS.
So, try Lulu instead. It does the same thing, is much more discrete, and it’s completely free.

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Since i paid for it, i’ll continu using it :slight_smile:


I agree, very stable so early in the beta cycle. But then again very few changes to the core OS. Like the new wallpapers and Safari profiles but most of the changes are fluff. All my apps work fine under dev beta 3. No issues with Studio that I have encountered.

Hopefully this will remain primarily a bug fix release as was Snow Leopard!