MacOS Sonoma 14.1.1 Audio makes an instant pitch noise on play randomly

trying to explain in a different language gives different point of view, so its easy to missjudge…

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If you want input from folks here on the forum, please post your current debug information here in this thread… Otherwise it looks like you really don’t want to work to resolve these things you are describing… You are not the only Audirvana macOS platform user and many are not having the problems you state that you have and it is not a widespread problem among macOS users… And, it is not the computer platform that is precipitating what you describe…

So… post screen-shots of your Audio MIDI Settings, your Computer Settings, DAC Settings, Bridge Settings, Volume settings and Up-Sampling settings, that are pertinent to your system configuration… Whether or not you have a monitor attached or not, and if not, are you using a HDMI or Display emulator? Also, any other audio software you have installed and any AU plug-ins you may be using.

Describe your power/grounding scheme and the nature of the main power being delivered to your playback system… You should have all of your components on a common power/ground point, on a clean power circuit. If you have spurious ground/earthing related spikes or sags, this will impact all of the playback components and the computer platform. Also, describe your USB transmission path configuration and the length of your cable…

Otherwise, we are going to presume you are just doing something to manufacture a false narrative, for whatever reason… @AndyLubke is not fooling around and I personally do not want to help somebody that doesn’t cooperate, whether you think you know it all or not… It’s plainly obvious that you don’t know it all, because you are posting these complaints here in the User Forum.

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when i have the time i could do that, but trust me on this… i test and done everything humanly possible to make it work correctly.

I’m not blane no-one, i just also tell my findings… its not possible all other players works without the audio issues and audirvana has em…but windows-macos with some tiny differences…

i try every single player out there and yes my heart is with audirvana that’s why im using it,
that’s why i post my findings to make it even better… silly or not the issues i discover its there.

Apparently not…

ineed, i have one last trick in my sleeve so when its done…then i put my hands in the sky

Actually, I like to fool around once in a while, just not in this particular instance :grinning:



Audirvāna Origin 2.5.7 has the same instant pitch noise at the playback of a track, using Sonoma 14.2 release.

Testing more and will report back soon
Still 2.5.7 left so much to desire like the UI issues and glitches to be fixed :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:


was wrong the same random instant pitch noise still happening with latest origin and latest macOS still…