MacOS Sonoma 14.1.1 Audio makes an instant pitch noise on play randomly

when i try to listen to my music i hear a random glitch like pitch for an instant and then the music continues to play, plus i have all the windows version audio issues i post before…

My Config is Mac Studio M2 MAX 32GB paired with DAC S.M.S.L DO400 using the sorted possible usb cable plus i tested more with no success, the issue happened only on audirvana other player works correctly.

my testing shows that the issue caused by interger mode so far…i keep posting my findings

testing it more i found exclusive mode makes a audio cut randomly not the pitch noise of interger mode…
using the player with exlusive off now to see the behaviour…

just for testing using exclusive mode off i change to 32bit 768khz and the player goes mad…pitch fast playback to make it normal again i needed to put it on 32but 44khz the weird is that apple music works with that change without issue… don’t know what happened in audirvana… but even on macOS can’t use the player stable…

You have to ask yourself why other users, running the same OS and same version of Audirvana running on a system with basically the same system architecture (M2 Max) have zero issues with playback after installing Audirvana using Audirvana’s default settings for a DAC (either USB or UPnP).

Clearly your issues are not widespread. You need to adopt a logical approach to finding where your problems lie. I could write a long missive on how to do this but you seem to have sufficient technical knowledge to work this out on your own. I would start (after copying/backing up data) with a clean install of your Mac (wipe disk, reinstall OS) then load Audirvana only. Attach your DAC and let Audirvana select the default settings, if you still have the problem use a different DAC and see if it fixes. If OK add your other software step by step to find where the problem lies…

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as a computer technician and tech freak i done whatever is possible to workaround it and see what’s going on with no luck at all…all other player works as intended and apple music too so the issue is in one way now…

There are a lot of people on this forum with professional computer- and IT backgrounds. I have to agree with @Djm1960 here that this problem is not widespread (if at all). So probably your issue has more to do with other variables in your system than with Audirvana.

updated mac, cables works and try different ones its a dac usb mac connection simple as that…
what else should i do? some of the issues i have are on windows version of the player too…so its not the mac…

Maybe something wrong with your DAC? Have you tried a different DAC? I use Windows 11. I have used Audirvana via USB with Topping, SMSL, IfI, Chord and Pro-ject DACs. All no problem at all.

High pitch noise? Did you check your powersupplies? Any switch mode PSU causing disturbance in your circuits? Groundloops? I heard a fluctuating high pitch noise in my speakers once and the cause was a cheap wallwart in the same power strip as my audio gear. Etc. Etc. That is what I meant with a lot of variables in a system. If it is the same issue on your Mac and your Windows PC you have to check the whole chain. That Audirvana is the cause here seems highly unlikely.

i have 3 premium dads all of them do the same issue…plus i test a mibile day too and its the same issue… my friend if i had a hardware issue i would have it in every player i test…so the issue its with audirvana only…

the pitch noise happened only with explusive and interger enable and its instant on a playing song…
the real pitch noise happened when i change khz from macOS midi settings and to have a normal sound i need to revert to 44khz… that one i didn’t have it on windows…

as for the psu if i was on windows ok…but now I’m on a mac studio…so…and the cable are totally fine and grounded

If it is with audirvana only all other users would have the same problem. They clearly don’t. I am not going into a yes/no debate. You would be right if this was a widespread problem. It is not.

Again: Basic trouble shooting: Check the whole chain and all variables in your system.


Hi @AndyLubke @JohnnyFire a

Oh! Go on! Have a yes/no debate.

I’ve got nothing else to except read medieval history and listen to Debussy (with Audirvana Origin and my Maggies of course).




its nothing like that…all I’m saying i test and tried everything

Hi @JohnnyFire

Life is hard. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

For me, when these glitches occur, (and they do in my experience with Audirvana Origin, my preferred engine) I try to work out what it is.

Frequently it seems to be a memory issue. I do not have the latest equipment so what I do is close everything down and begin with minimal programs. Just Audirvana.

Still the problem might occur… a slight dimunition of the sound 5 to 10 seconds in on track one for instance… it’s very annoying and a couple of albums later it stops doing that.

I’m on the couch now listening to late Busoni piano. My desktop has open… Blurb for my next book, Chrome for Presto Music and 13 other windows for my medieval research, Libre for the text, ImagetoIcon, Text Edit… so lots of programs and using loads of memory…

Sound is perfect.

Go figure.

My advice is already given with the caveat that I know nothing and only your experience counts.



as u told I’m not sound like that, i just told what steps i take and i just mention that i have have knowledge…thats all…so please don’t judge me for something I’m not and tell…

best regards,

Please post your debug info here in this post… And also, a description of your playback component chain and power distribution/ground/earth configuration and any other audio software that you have installed on the Mac.

:notes: :eye: :headphones: :eye: :notes:

Not in any way judging. These things are always hapeing. We have to manage these things.

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i send my debug to the email support for another issue i have with library continues scanning so they have it, now we wait!