macOS Ventura

Yes i know it is f**king early :slight_smile: (dev 13.0 beta 1)
i have move from real Monterey 12.4 to Monterey beta 5 because of bad wifi between Mac(s)
and internet not stable… 12.5b beta was perfect, then i saw first beta from next OS… Ventura

i had time to spent, and i spent some time :slight_smile:
mostly because of Apple. Preferences panel is tough to get through and find things
compare to all other version of OS before… at this time in the beta testing,
Little Snitch not there yet, but they are working on it now,.

Had trouble a bit with system optimizer at first, but with restarts and copying my old files to the folders they where before, and deleting them from where i put them because of errors and restarting, all is working fine now :slight_smile:

Music is playing fine, my FabFilter Pro-Q 3 plugin still is working fine,
i just put my .sqlite where it was from Monterey and my Audirvana Preferences too…

Origin and Ventura seems like going well together at first playing with those two…
i could be here tomorrow complaining… we never know :slight_smile:

Please don’t try this if you don’t know how to backup and restore…
Music is the best… when playing :slight_smile:


Yes, especially if you have a M1 :sweat_smile:

i don’t :slight_smile: , bought the last iMac a year before M1…
and it was thinked before i bought :wink:

BTW, remote also is working on Ventura…
all the bugs from Origin and Remote are still there from Monterey, no surprise…
On Audirvana side now to polish things up :slight_smile:

PLEASE just update Layout of Origin to see OUR Albums Library on launch,
not the damn empty window from My Music Heart Albums :frowning:

Can’t understand the meaning of seeing only albums that you hearted or gives starts on launch…
i’m pretty sure everyone wants to see their library not only the one they loves ???

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I guess that makes sense for Origin. But for Studio, it may be different. I stream way more compared to listening to my own collection. So I might prefer having AS opening up with Qobuz instead.

I guess the best thing would be an option in settings where you can choose your own preference when starting Studio/Origin. Then everybody will be happy.

This is not ready yet but it will definitively be added on both version of Audirvāna.

@RunHomeSlow You’re on the frontline, but thank you for having tested AO on Ventura :slight_smile:

Indeed, I do agree! Please @Antoine, the first impression should always be the best experience, having this empty window (if users don’t use the Favorite feature) isn’t great at all.

Hello, I am getting prompts on my newer Mac-mini and MacBook Pro to upgrade to macOS Ventura. Saw this thread, was wondering if any update on compatability with Audirvana 3.5.50? Also, I am wanting to upgrade to Origin 2.0 . . . is it ok with Ventura or better to wait a bit to upgrade to Origin? Not sure this is the best place to pose my queries?? Many thanks for any advice!

Version 3.5 and Studio/Origin works with macOS Ventura

if you upgrade from 3.5, to Studio/Origin it will create a new database, different/not touching v3.5 database

3.5.50 runs fine here in Ventura. Studio does so as well.

You can have both apps installed at the same time, as each has their own separate database and preferences. They are completely separated from each other :smiley:

Ok, great, many thanks.

thank you…good to know can have & run both. appreciate your reply.