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can someone please tell me how I’m supposed to prevent Audirvana from having a major RAM memory leak on macOS … it always eventually freezes my computer unless i force close the app every 2 days or less

Latest Audirvana installed (not the subscription version) … I paid a lot for this app, but it’s looking like I have to find another app because this has been a problem for a long time and it looks like they are not updating it

I’ve had no response from Audirvana support

Reduce the pre-load cache size.

What is your preload buffer setting?

I don’t know what MacOS you use, but there seems to be a problem with major memory leaks in Monterey. If you are using Monterey it can be a problem with the OS instead of Audirvana.

Memory Leaks in Monterey? | MacRumors Forums

My girlfriend has some huge memory leaks with other programs on her Mac with Monterey too (she does not have Audirvana installed on her Mac).

I am a Windows user and the memory usage of Audirvana on Windows is normal. Unfortunately I can not test it for you on a Mac.

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Yet another benefit of Linux.

In Linux you can follow each bit of data as it enters the OS and specifically define how you want the processor[s], memory etc to handle them…all the way down to the processor cycles. I specify exactly which processor core handles my audio data, exactly how much memory is dedicated to audio and exactly which processor[s] handles the digital audio output. Fine tuning to the max!

Basically I create a HOV lane in my OS to handle audio-data from entry to exit. :grinning:


Third button from the left………………no your other left……….

LOL…nah its this button

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that’s my fav

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