Make volume levelling info deletable/editable?

I have quite a few albums that contain both music and test/measurement signals. Unfortunately, I included these albums in the automatic level scan for volume levelling.

I do like volume levelling and use it all the time (“preserve album dynamic”), but with the albums above it doesn’t work well. Some of the test signals (full scale, or -60dB) throw out the measurement and result in an album to be adjusted down by -20dB or more, for example. Right now, I have to unlock the audio device, go into settings and turn off volume levelling and play the album, then try to remember to turn volume levelling back on afterwards.

It would be nice if the volume levelling information could be deleted from a track or an album, perhaps in the metadata editor. It might even be useful in some situations to be able to manually add or change the automatically obtained values.

May I ask why there’s test signals?