Managing library of portable players

I love using Audirvana on my desk; it works so well! What I am still looking for is a solution to manage the content on my portable player, a Plenue J. I imagine many Audirvana customers will have a high quality portable player too.

I know it wouldn’t be a trivial feature, but here is how I would imagine it working:

The high-res portables invariably just present themselves as a USB storage device, e.g.: “/Volumes/PLENUE J/Music”

  • Add a “portable player library” location in settings, where the user browses to selected this file root.
  • A “portable player” link is shown in the left hand nav. Just like in “Library”, you can browse the contents of the player, and also delete files.
  • When showing the normal library, some indicator is shown if the track/album is also on the connected portable player. (A little icon in the corner of the artwork thumbnail?)
  • User can drag albums/tracks from library to portable
  • Ideally Audirvana can re-encode the track when transferring, like iTunes: “Convert lossless files to [128/160/192/256/320] kbps [AAC/MP3]” (Configured in settings)

I think being able to manage your desktop and portable listening in a single location would be liked by a lot of Audirvana customers with portable players, as well as potential new customers that only use portables, but have no good way to manage their library now!

Thank you for your consideration. :slight_smile:

Have a look at M3Unify:

It’s fairly easy to use and cheap.

To me, the problem with utilities such as these is that they don’t tell me what’s already on the player. So keeping the player in sync with your main library requires more work.

Jriver worked for me. I used the trial version to create and maintain playlists on my portable. It managed FLAC files and playlists. I’m not interested in the convert capability since I use my portable specifically for full resolution playback. After the trial expired, I went back to a memory card drag and drop files system

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