Manual and Grouping

Have been getting to know Audirvana (3.5.41, on 10.14.6) for a week or two now. Love it!

Still not sure how Grouping works: ideally I’d like to be able to collapse all four tracks, say, of a four movement symphony - so that only the title of the work appears.

Have tried putting a string into the Grouping metadata field such as ‘Symphony number 4 in C minor’; that doesn’t seem to work.

What am I doing wrong, please?

I also searched far and wide for a Mac version 3.5 manual. Does such a document exist, please?

(This is the closest I could find, but seems to differ significantly from version 3.)

Thanks in advance!

The more I look into this - and search far and wide - the more puzzled I am :slight_smile: .

I’ve added simple strings (like ‘String 4tet number 1’) into the Grouping metatag to each/all of the relevant tracks.

Then changed the first Sort criterion to Grouping.

Does Audirvana 3.5 not support collapsing groups of related tracks in the interface, as iTunes, say, does?

If not, what is the advantage of Grouping?

I have a huge library with - if I can’t collapse - an even huger list of tracks.

What am I missing, please?

You could use the filter functionality.
An example:
select your composer, you’ll have all the albums of that composer
then open the filter section and select Grouping as filtering criteria.
You’ll then be able to select the Composition/Grouping you want
The Composition/Grouping will be shown for any album in which it appears
… unfortunately Grouping collapsing is not available

Thanks, @stefano_mbp!

Yes; that gets close. It really is collapsing by Group that I want… as in iTunes.

Really, only because ti makes viewing and navigating so much easier.

I have a feeling that I saw a way to do this in earlier versions.

And is there really no manual?


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