Manual playlists broken again in 3.5.29 (3559)

All my playlists that were working in 3.5.28 (3558) are showing 0 tracks and it is not possible to import new playlists. My Music directory is on an external drive. Is there a way to roll back to version 3.5.28?

This was a head fake. Unbeknownst to me, the external hard drive volume containing my iTunes folder got renamed from “OWC HD” to “OWC HD 1”. Once I understood this and updated the .m3u files appropriately, everything worked fine. How the volume got renamed is another topic but not for this forum.

Catalina 10.15.2
2018 Mac Mini
iTunes on an external hard drive.
Schiit Modi 3 DAC

My issue has mysteriously returned. I am no longer able to import a playlist created in Apple Music (m3u). Nor can I import a playlist that I exported from Audirvana. The playlists that have already been imported continue to work fine. Any suggestions?

I have played with this some more:

  • uninstall 3.5.29
  • reinstall 3.5.29
  • set up the monitored folders and synch the library
  • do a mass import all my iTunes playlists (this works)
  • create a new playlist in iTunes and export it
  • import this playlist (this works)
  • use Audirvana normally
  • try to import a new playlist: this doesn’t work. No error messages, but nothing happens
  • I can no longer import playlists. I don’t know what action I took to make import go from working to not working

What is the “New Playlist” you refer to? Is it a playlist created from iTunes?

Hi, Damien. I really love your software.

I use the Genius function in Apple Music to create playlists that I export from Music and import into Audirvana. All of my playlists are created in Apple Music (iTunes doesn’t exist any more in OSX Catalina).