Manual (re)scan folders on external HD’s

Here it is

On a more positive note - I noticed that closing the program before disconnecting and opening Audirvana after I have reconnected the external SSD, no longer creates the annoying seemingly offline duplicates - the rescan is much quicker now.
Thank you

Hello Everyone,

When you go to the Disk Utility application, do you have the APFS format for your drive?

On my system the HDD’s are not APFS format.
Some are ‘Journaled‘, others Windows NT (Tuxera NTFS).

Hello everyone,

In the latest version of Audirvana 3.5 for MacOS the issue you have should be fixed, can update your Audirvana to 3.5.38 and try to see if you still have your issue?

After the update to 3.5.38, audirvana started with the last smart playlist in use before: the recently added files from 10 days, on external HDD, named A.
All the other HDD’ s (5 HDD’s) were intentionally deactivated. The first thing Audirvana did: synching the map on HDD A with the last files that were added yesterday, although Audirvana had done synching already yesterday. During that operation I started the playing of an album and after Audirvana loaded the tracks the music began, hurrah!
Then, during the music and synching of A, I activated an other of the HDD’s, with the name Intenso. Why? Because I know that Audirvana, when synching that HDD, it never stops doing that, for some reason I don’t understand, without a problem for playing music. So I can activate the other HDD’s. Audirvana will not synch them because she is endless busy synching the HDD named Intenso.
Conclusion thus far: 3.5.38 update means not solution for my wish of not automatic synching every startup of audirvana of maps or HDD’s that are not in need of synchronization
Thank You for your kind work, Syrinx

How much quantity of files do you have in /Volumes/INTENSO/?

Volume Intenso contains a map, named Afnovember.
Because Volume Intenso has maps that are not filled with music files, i have not added the whole Volume Intenso, but only a couple of sub-maps with music files.
One of them has the name AFNovember. This map contains 1006 sub-sub-maps with music files.
This is a view of some of these 1006 maps. Perhaps for Audirvana a too big portion to swallow?
Thank you, Syrinx

Hello @Syrinx,

It’s not about the quantity of folder and sub-folder, it’s about the content, if Audirvana see any file in the folder that has been changed by your system or by you it will try synchronize the folder.

Thank you, Damien. Some of the HDD’s on my system are full and I add nothing to them nor change anything. One of them is the Volume Intenso. If Audirvana sees that there are changes made on these Volumes, it must be the system that has made them, not me.
In my opinion it would be better if the user of Audirvana has the choice of synchronizing for every Volume, like the case with Itunes. Even better no automatic synchronizing at all. Let the user of Audirvana decide if he wants that Audirvana synchronize any connected Volume.
I must say, the way Audirvana in other respects handles the music reproduction, is fantastic. The Dac in my system is RME Adi 2. The output of the dac goes to a preamplifier from Thomas Funk, Berlin. From there the music signal goes to two Meridian mono amplifiers, one for right, one for left speakers of PMC, the Twenty. Audirvana upsamples all music files to DSD64. Izotope settings are included, better for me than Sox. The result is perfect, a very analytical analogue sound, it seems that the combination is a marriage made in heaven.

Thank you very, very much for your software and the after sale care you deliver for us all. That must take much of your energy, it forms a big difference to the way in these days many people in the business handles their products, hardware and software. Chapeau!

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