Manually added radios are not working properly

Audirvana advertises that maually added radios have:

If one of the radios you like is not listed in the catalog, you can manually add its URL and information and keep it in your favorites.


I wanted to add to my favorite radios:

I didn’t find how?

I managed to add my radio to the playlist. But if I want to edit their data (Title) I am rejected:
“1 tracks have not been updated, probably due to a write permission issue”

Hello Pes,

Audirvana Studio Radio seems to be a complete mess at the moment. Audirvana Studio does not work with AAC either, so your problem could be related, it only works with mp3, but who wants a supposedly high end player only using mp3.
I won’t subscribe to Audirvana Studio until I can get Radio AAC working on my system.

At least I managed to play your first listed radio:

After “Play now” I can hear your radio:

My radios are playing … the way you write.

Other things don’t work.

manually add its URL and information and keep it in your favorites.

How do I do:
… and information and keep it in your favorites.

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Understood. Here is the same problem: After adding the radio I see no bookmark … :frowning:

In order to have a bookmark, you have to make the radio you are listening to a Favourite, then you will see it in your Favourite Radio list.

Thanks. It isn´t possible to find the just manually added radio station in the lists, so I can´t make it to a Favourite.

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I’m at the radio, sweetheart.

Does that add to your favorites?

I made a playlist that I put radio in.
I tried editing Title… however, I cannot save the change.

No, after click at the heart button nothing happens.

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I have the same problem, clicking on the Heart button does not work.

Click the station you want. Under the heart symbol which doesn’t work click the name of the station. This takes you to another screen where the heart does work. Well, it does for me.