Marantz ND 8006 \ Tidal Connect with Audirvana

Hi there,

I am new to Audirvana.
I am using a trial version and I would like to purchase a subscription to this product if I can solve the problem I am facing.

The Marantz ND 8006 media player is connected to Audirvana using the YUPNP protocol, the Tidal service (HiFi Plus with Master Quality audio) is connected to Audirvana.

Playback settings for output devices are set to maximum: PCM rate 768 kGz, bitdepth 32 bit. And, strangely enough, recordings from Tidal in Quality Master play perfectly - but all other “simple” recordings (simple flac from Tidal or ordinary flac from my computer) do not play at all - white noise is heard instead.
Changing these settings doesn’t do much - when I lower the settings, for example, to PCM rate 44,1 kGz, bitdepth 16 bit, Tidal in the Quality Master also stops playing (white noise makes noise in any recording).

I will be very grateful for your help.

Have you tried disabling the upsampling?

Try to put the °RAW PCM° at ON in the audio setup

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I had exactly the same issue with my Denon DRA8000 and solve it switching ON “Do no use RAW PCM” option.


Jacques, Ika, Thank you very much, your advice completely solved the problem.

One more question: my settings are set to PCM rate 768 kGz, bitdepth 32 bit . But for some reason, the playback of TIDAL Master records in quality does not turn out higher than 96 kGz, bitdepth 24 bit. This is certainly not bad)) But I would like higher))
Do you think this is a limitation of my Marantz ND 8006 player, or can I try to configure something in the Audiorvana?

That’s the MQA thing with Audirvana doing the first unfold.

Thnx for your answer. But what does this mean? Will it always be like this now? Or can it be adjusted for better sound quality?

If you want to „benefit“ from MQA, that’s the best setting.