Maximum audio volume limit

Hi, I would like to reduce the output gain coming out of my Macbook/USB into my DAC. In Audio Settings → Audio Volume I see that I can adjust the “Maximum audio volume limit”. Am I still getting bitperfect playing from Audirvana if I adjust this?


This option creates a virtual limitation on the volume slider, and the right end will become the value you set. For example, if you set the limit to 30%, then the full slider will only cover 0 to 30% of the maximum output (it can be useful for more precise volume control or to avoid going too loud by mistake).

As for bit-perfect I think it will depend whether you use software volume control or if you can change the volume of your DAC directly through Audirvana (it depends of your DAC). When using software volume control, Audirvana will apply its own recipe (it’s a very high quality algorithm, which can outperform the DAC chip’s integrated volume control) and your DAC will not get the bit-perfect original file (although Audirvana will stream its output in bit-perfect to your DAC of course, but it’s not the original untouched PCM stream).

You can monitor which operations alter your signal in Audirvana Studio’s Audio settings.