Meilleur DAC compatible MQA et DSD

Bonsoir Damien. J’aimerais connaître les DAC compatible MQA et DSD qui s’intègre parfaitement bien avec Audirvana. Je suis sous MacOS

Barquette de prix: sous la barre de 1500eu

Des propositions seraient les bienvenues


If you are looking for something that does well both DSD and MQA, check out the iFi products:

Mytec products are interesting if you want to put emphasis on MQA. Look at exaSound products if you want to put emphasis on DSD.

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I would recommend the one I have just bought: Technics SU-G30 - it has virtually everything you need: MQA decoding, DSD 11.2, accepts most formats/sampling rates, has a phone input, is an integrated amplifier, has USB-DAC connection, sturdy construction, etc.

Unfortunately mine had a F61 error issue, so I had to return it for a fix under warranty - yet my purchase is the result of a LONG search for specs similar to yours.

The only problem for you? Price, as it goes for around EUR 3000 in Europe - but you may find cheaper if you look around.