Meilleur véhicule pour l'utilisation d'Audirvana

Le son est-il meilleur en utilisant l’ordinateur sur lequel Audirvana est installé directement relié au dac ou l’utilisation d’un Ultra Rendu entre l’ordi et le dac ?

Y-a-t-il avantage à utiliser et incorporer un Ultra Rendu ?

Ronn pourrait-il être utilisé directement à partir d’Audirvana ?

Is sound better usign directly Audirvana to dac or installing an Ultra Rendu to manage sound ?

Could Roon be used form Audirvana ?


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You probably get better sound through UltraRendu, because it has cleaner USB interface.

You can’t directly interface with Roon from Audirvana, but some endpoints support both Roon and UPnP.

Like bitracer, I think that you will get a better sound. However, to get the best out of it, you will need to use a linear external power supply which is quite costly. Then the price point is to be compared with audiophiles streamers which in return will provide excellent sound quality and not be limited to USB only output connectivity …
Roon is one of Audirvana’s competitors. It is not known to provide a better sound neither be more stable, (but much more expensive).
You can download evaluation copies of both and decide by yourself , based on your personal criterias.
At the mean time, I like the idea to support French technology when it deserves it , and Audirvana definitely deserves it :wink:

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