I have Melco N100 streamer with usb dac connected to streamer.
No problems to use Tidal with it - but Melco has internal disk.
I have some cd rippings there and Melco uses Twonky server to manage his database. Can I use Audirvana to play these files? I don’t find the way…

Your Melco needs to be connected to your network (Ethernet) and then mounted as a network drive. You can then designate the music folders on your Melco using Add Music to My Audirvana Music Library in the Local pane of the Settings.

You will need to follow the Melco instructions about passwords and username when mounting your drive - there is a section in the manual.

I have an Melco N1/A connected via Ethernet on my network with folders used by Audirvana Studio on a Mac Mini to feed my ampDAC via USB.


Thanks a lot! I actually got Windows Security msg
but didn’t understand user and passw were given in Melco manual…
It works.

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Good news - enjoy your music!