Meta data editing window fault


This is a minor issue but makes Origin Not PErfect as I Expect!

You can see the left margin is too far to the left, off the page.

Hi @philipjohnson,

Do you have this behavior on Windows or MacOS?

Mac on Samsung Fold 3

You are using the latest version of MacOS?

Screen Shot 2023-10-19 at 7.07.38 pm

No… 10.13.6

OLder computer wont’ take any update.

But it is the Remote View I’m talking about.



This is from the Remote? It’s not possible to change the metadata in the remote yet so maybe you are talking about a different thing?

Sorry… This is not a remote issue. On the desktop that is the view when editing the metadata track. (See original screenshot).

Nothing here is terrible, it is just quite inconvenient to get the the margin when it sits outside of the box.

I will need to look on the Mac I have with High Sierra in it. I will get the time for it next week :wink:

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