Metadata Edit Album Artists

I have 37 albums by Motörhead but am seeing two entries for them in the
Album Artist field of ‘Tracks’

I admit that when I imported the albums originally it was without the
umlaut, So I edited then in Yate, as I have in the past.

I used Yate to read and check the metadata and made sure that all entries
for Artist and Album Artis are the same (Motörhead) All albums reside in
the respective Album directories within the ‘Group’ directory of

No matter what I do I am not able to have just one ‘Album Artist’
(Motörhead) entry in A+

I have re-synced the folder,

I did notice that there are 4 entries in the Artist View and it still shows
the original Motorhead spelling as opposed to the updated metadata

Any suggestions gratefully welcome…

PS also true for Motley Crue - also with umlaut - although I have not edited



see it in the left column: Motorhead
then change it in the right to: Motörhead, hit enter, then save.
this is not working?

look for the track list not album view. Ill guess you find them there. And then you ned to edit META data new.

And if A+ were to allow browsing according to your storage filing system, there would be no need to lose the will to live having to spend several months going through thousands of albums redoing all the metadata. Unfortunately Damien doesn’t seem to want to allow such a simple solutio.