Metadata fields?

Hello all,
first time user here.

Audirvana description specifically mentions the possibility of entering extended recording metadata, such as the orchestra and conductor, etc. However, all I can see is the possibility to change the album title and artist, nothing else.

Am I overlooking something obvious?
Any comments appreciated.

Hello @Rushwarp,

Are you looking for something like this?

Yes exactly… Either the ‘Extended’ field is not there or i am too dull to find it ;-0) !

Have you selected a track and tried to scroll a bit in the metadata panel?

Yes indeed, that’s the first thing I did try.
This pane does not scroll for me; the lowest line reads; “recompute replay gain”
Have same results on M1 Pro and desktop iMac - both running Big Sur 11.1

You mean this?

That view is when you have clicked an album cover, you can make changes there like artist, cover, replay gain data. Then also you see the tracks of the album, you have to click one to see the other panel Damien showed you or select all tracks of the album to tag them all the same…

Yes that is all I can see…

Sorry, I have been very shortsighted! Yes indeed now all is there.

Thank you both for your kind assistance.

After years of using iTunes, where all info is reached after selecting the cover and then ‘get info’ to change ALL info, I have to get used to going track per track instead.

It works fine.

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