Metadata issue

Hi all

Can anyone help me with this issue please. Sometimes when I load files on to my HD to sync with Audirvana they show missing / mixed up metadata like this:

I’ve tried to analyse the issue.

  1. I always use ‘Kid3’ software to tag my files before loading (is there better software I should be using?), but often this doesn’t work.

  2. I can correct metadata in Audirvana and make sure all the information is correct and consistent across all tracks but interestingly if I then remove the corrected files from Audirvana platform and my HD and then reload those files again the same inaccuracies occur - I thought correcting metadata in Audirvana would correct the files on the HD?

Also I’m unable to correct the ‘bit.’ or ‘SPL. Rate’ columns. How do I this?

Many thanks. Paul

Thanks for that RunHomeSlow.

I do repair the data on the right panel with Audirvana but never managed to successfully compute replay gain. I’ll play about with that.

Interestingly in the time since I started this thread I’ve been playing around with my metadata editor software and using it to repair the files directly on the HD I use for Audirvana so I can see the results instantly in the A+ window. I’ve found a way to get all the fields straight even though I’m not entirely sure how I’m doing it.

Its definitely a metadata issue thats for sure.

Having some identical small problem,
almost every time the AudirvanaPlusDatabase.sqlite, becomes larger than 3GB overall.
it somehow start’s to override my entry’s in the artist list and the way how they sorted.
It’s relatively easy to solve, but not very satisfying to delete this file once in a wile, so it can rebuild.