Metadata Not Updating After Syncing

~ I like to keep my metadata as clean and consistent as possible. When I see that in Audirvana there is a song, album, or artist incorrectly displaying in my Library, I use Tag Edit (software) to find the problem and correct the data.
~ When I restart Audirvana and wait for it to sync, the problem remains. Audirvana does not update the metadata correction I have made and I continue to see the problem in the Library display.
~ To be sure that I made the change properly, I have navigated to User>Librrary>Application Support>Audirvana and deleted the “AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite” file.
~ When I restart Audirvana, point it to my music file folder, wait for it to Sync (rebuild the database), the changes to the metadata I made have been updated and display properly on my Audirvana, library window.

It appears that Audirvana’s syncing with the Monitored folder is not working.
Question: Am I doing something wrong or is this a well known issue. I see one post here titled: "Any updates on metadata handling? which touches on this issue, but not completely.

You certainly are not doing anything wrong. Like you I have noticed that Audirvana does nothing when the Metadata is changed using and external software like Tag Editor, even for album artwork changes. You have found the correct way around that problem. Alternatively, for occasional use, the clunky Audirvana tag management may help.