Metadata recovery - Analyzing audio files


I have an issue: analyzing audio files % keeps resetting, or I don’t know exactly the behavior: whenever it gets to 100%, I get the message: Resume analysis (X tracks with no MusicBrainz ID (like below)

Is this a bug?

Edit: I did several restarts, and the picture above shows 200 tracks now, and keeps rising.

So, nobody?

Also, what is the exact meaning of those 2 toggle options? I kind of understand, but I’m not 100% sure.

Have you read the description found in the Metadata Recovery information window?

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Yep, did you read my first post?


This is clear, is the 2nd option with the recovered track ID. The first option is not 100% clear: does it refer to that recovered track ID from the 2nd option? What I mean is: Retrieve metadata missing… does gather that track ID from MusicBrainz (+ other metadata), and Save recovered track ID… saves that track ID from before? If so, how Audirvana behaves if I toggle only the 2nd option without the first one?

Also, my initial problem was that I tried every combination of those 2 toggles, but the result is the same: whenever that % finishes, the number of tracks with missing data are exactly the same, which is close to my total number of tracks.

I assume that’s because there is no MusicBrainzID for that track or maybe there is something else wrong with those (even though I manually edited my files with MusicBrainz Picard, but there are a few which doesn’t exist there at all).

Hi @TheSpidyFlash,

If you only have the second option enabled, only the ID is saved but nothing missing metadata gathered from Musicbrainz will be displayed in Audirvāna Studio.

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