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I chose not to upgrade to MacOS Catalina because iTunes stripped away my search ability using “Comments” or “Description” fields associated with individual tracks. I Use these fields to describe the music track for my use in teaching Spinning classes. It allows me to differentiate music that works well with jumps, sprints, climbs, Tabata drills, etc. Will Audirvana allow me to import the data from my old iTunes’ (MacOS Mojave 10.14.6) metadata (Comments etc?) and allow me to continue this “organisation” method?

Hello @sushistar,

Audirvāna Studio can read the comments metadata of your tracks, that is coming from iTunes.

You can see the comments here:

and here:

Great that it can read them; will it allow me to sort them? If I have something like “jumps” or “sprints” in my comments, will I be able to type in a search field “jumps” and the list (likely all titles as well) with “Jumps” will be displayed? The other choice for sorting would be to sort ascending or descending on the column “comments.” Would that function be available?

That’s awesome so far!


Peter aka sushistar


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