Metadata window question

Within the metadata window there appears to be left and right arrows beside the track title/artist. I would have thought that I would be able to move between track using these symbols but they don’t seem to do anything. are these for a future modification? It’s a bit of a workout closing/opening the metadata window for each track.

When you see the tracks of an album, select first one then the last with shift or select all with ‘command a’ or on pc ‘ctrl a’, then put info panel to edit in one time

Thanks, but when I select all tracts “ratings” does not seem to be edited across all tracks. You can see from screenshot that all songs have 5***** but metadata window indicates none. “Title” indicates multiple values so I believe it’s addressing all tracks.

you mean picture in the other thread?

i don’t rate so never played with it… but in Audirvana if you click an album no selection, you can rate the album, then if you select songs after in it, they have their rating…

Audirvana having some tags like that album tags and tracks tags…

Correct. But for some strange reason I have some albums that ALL the songs are now 5*****. I didn’t add this metadata so I’m not sure how this happened. Now I want to change them back to “zero” stars but that can’t be done in the Metadata Window, even if all tracks have been selected. I can change things like “Artist” etc, but “Rating” appears not to be editable when all tracks selected.

when you didn’t change anything in info panel rating doesn’t work on first try… a bug i know…just click one time in comment box for example and then the stars can be remove :slight_smile: and save

OK. That worked. Your a Genius! I vote for you to write the PDF manual :crazy_face:

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He is, one day at a time :wink:

RHS, you’re promoted to genius status, sainthood is next probably

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When you do not have this option, this means you are editing the metadata of the album itself, not the tracks in it. If however you click on a track of this album, you will see the arrow changing color.