I am Qobuz client using Audirvana plus Asio driver to a microRendu to a ADI 2 PRO usb dac.
Quite often when I start playing a record, exactly after 11 sec play, the sound disappear and when it comes back theres a horrible noise instead of the music.
Now lets say that I then choose the second track of the record, exactly the same happen after 11 sec, if I then pause and let the buffer do its job, I can get the music without problem from pointing a bit futher from ex 22 sec and normally its then ok.

Is this happening only with Qobuz?
If yes, can you check the loading progress bar (gray in the playing position bar)? Is it just a but after the playback position, or well in advance?
If just after the playback position, then it may be Qobuz server not delivering fast enough the audio data.
Now the other issue is why the microRendu plays noise when not getting audio data fast enough? It should simply pause. Or are you upsampling to DSD?

Normally I would only use Qobuz.
I have connected my old usb harddisc and tried some files.
Its much better, sometimes it stutter a bit but til now I have never this most unpleasant noise.
So my internetconnection in my country house is not good enough and think I will have to change my old white Livebox.


right now the main problem is when I try to control the volume down in the right corner with the mouse or windows volume buttons, I cannot get it moved so I am on -93db, hmm…and hear not much!

volume works again!

I still have problems with the Qobuz stream, stuttering, noise, - I thought it was due to my old livebox or pour debit in Cluny.
BUT I now ran the same 24/96 file with my LMS server and hat no problem, and as soon as I tried the same 24/96 file in Á plus!!

LMS server on a raspberry pi> microRendu
A plus server on a Lattitude E6510> microRendu (disc 450GB - 72GB used) RAM 8GB

What if you press pause and press play again only a few seconds after to let the track load progress advance sufficiently?

You can also try to set the max quality to Lossless to try with a less Internet bandwidth demanding quality

What if…
Thats what I do, waiting 30 sec. or more to have 2cm progres bar

you can also…
ok I will try, but LMS had no problem, at this moment where I had 6 -7 Mbit download om my ipad…