Migrating from macOS to Windows

Hey Audirvanists.

I’m in the process of building a new machine (Windows) and plan on moving my music library over in the process. The main library is on a Mac. I have a couple of questions.

Licensing: Can I transfer the license (deauthorize then reauthorize) on the new machine?

Library: The bigger issue is will I be able to migrate my database from the Mac to the new Windows machine? Obviously the file paths with be different, but I wonder if anyone’s had success porting their SQLite databases over? Is there an Export / Import option?

I plan on saving the databases in any case. I’m a developer and will do what I can to salvage my playlists and favorites, but was wondering if anyone’s made the effort already and can save me some time.

happy listening!

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Hello @robcee , 1) License :Based on what I have red in this forum, the license is attached to a user, regardless of the OS , so you should not have a problem to register on your new machine. 2) database export : I have done that several times , moving files from a HD to a NAS , then from a NAS to a SSD, etc … I use the 1st method described in the Audirvana preferences, so you don’t have to bother with export utilities… you just need to specify a path where your music folders are located , and your audio files will appear immediately in the Audirvana library window.

yes, I transfer my music between my main machine, a NAS and laptop already and have no problem with doing that. What I’m more interested in preserving are my playlists and favorites which aren’t part of the song files’ metadata. Thanks for the response, @AlainJ!

I’m interested too in migrating audirvana to w10 based PC. The reason is mostly because of the playback of the dsd files, in w10, with driver can play native dsd files, w/out using the DoP option.
For licence I’m think that must be bought for windows, with 30% discount (Audirvana site)

You know that native or DoP doesn’t make any difference sound quality wise?

Means if play raw dsd256 :arrow_right: DoP :arrow_right: dsd128, sound quality is equal?

Try DSD over PCM 1.1 in preferences to enable DSD256 not 1.0

Interesting, but my question was not about DSD playback. I want to know if anyone’s successfully migrated their library databases (Favorites and Playlists) from a Mac to Windows install.

Let’s try to stay on topic, or start a new thread. Thanks!

You can’t use the same license on Windows. Contact support to see if they’re willing to issue a Windows license for free. Otherwise you can get a cross license at a discount price.

It should be possible to just copy the database across to the new system. Never done that though, hence the conditional.

Just out of curiosity, why are you moving to PC?

On Mac also the playlists are not included in the database or written like tags on the files… you will have to exports them all before, and after reimport them in the PC version… never done it also, so don’t trash your mac before seeing it works :slight_smile:

Hello @robcee, for your favorites you won’t be able to export it but you have a workaround, to do so you can add all of your favorites inside a playlist and export it to find them easily in Audirvana for Windows 10. For the rest of your playlist you can simply export them and import them in Audirvana for Windows 10, keep in mind that when you export your playlist you’ll need to enable the button “Use relative file paths”:

Hi @Antoine. That sounds like the “secret sauce” I need. Thanks!

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just to followup with a few observations:

  1. Playlists seem to have an upper limit on entries. Mine seemed to cut off somewhere above 1k items, meaning I had to split my “favorites” playlists into multiples.

  2. This doesn’t help with metadata or smart playlists. Smart playlists need to be recreated from scratch. Track metadata (Date Added, Date Modified, etc) need some other solution.

I have both my Mac and PC databases. I’ll probably write a bit of python to create mappings between the two and migrate the track metadata and playlists. It would be lovely if we had an “Export DB to XML” feature and a corresponding Import, however, I realize that’s going to be hard to implement if file paths and track IDs don’t match up across databases.

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thanks, for the follow up, @robcee
That would be great to be able to easily migrate between OSs or duplicate those playlists!