Mini player issue

I’ve noticed that if play an album by pressing the triangle in this screenshot

The album plays normally but Mini player is sometimes blank and other times out of sync, displaying the previous track as currently playing.

I’m running Studio on a 2014 Intel Mac Mini with OSX 10.15.

Remote is on a 2018 iPad (6th Gen) IOS 15.6.1

It seems to me a little more work is required on Studio before it works as seamlessly as v3.5.

I think I’ll look again in 6 months time, I’m not willing to buy a license for it in it’s present form.

Yet another issue. If I prune the play queue then choose another album with Play Next, I get an excerpt from the track that would have been played had I not pruned the play queue, then I get the desired track from the next album.

What has happened to being able to send a mail to

Why are paying customers being fobbed off with a community support forum?

This approach is OK for Freeware, but that last time I checked Audirvāna products are NOT freeware.

V3.5 is a great carefully developed application Studio is NOT


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It really is quite a baffling way of doing business these days. Not even a notice that support will be off line? Communication is not a strong point obviously.

Hopefully all efforts are being expended into getting 2.0 sorted. But going radio silent time and time again is unacceptable customer service. I’m suspending my subscription again until 2.0 final is ready for prime time…….

Hopefully this thread will attract more attention from paying customers, I doubt we are the only ones who are dissatisfactied

We are working on the Remote and as soon as the update of the Remote will be released for iPad, please try again to reproduce your issue. Are you using the latest version of Audirvāna Studio?

We respond to every query sent by mail, please let us some time to answer you so you can get the proper response for your question.

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