Mini-Player: Toggle to revert Studio mini-player back to Classic (3.5)

Hello : )

I would like to suggest a toggle or a checkbox to revert the current Audirvana Studio mini-player back to how it looked and behaved in Audirvana 3.5 - where you could scale it much smaller, and the album art actually filled the whole width of the window.

:arrow_down: Look at all the wasted space and the ugly gaussian blur in the current version.


:arrow_down: 1. TOGGLE OFF - AUDIRVANA STUDIO THICC (current)

:arrow_down: 2. TOGGLE ON - AUDIRVANA CLASSIC (3.5 version with Studio UI)

EDIT: Implemented advice from @AndyLubke

This way, fans of both Studio and Classic will be happy, as it’s just a simple toggle/checkbox in the settings.

Thank you : )

I think this is more a feature request than a ‘fix’, because it boils down to a matter of taste. What you think is bloated or ugly, other people might disagree with.

If you put this request in the ‘User Voice Audirvana’ section other people can vote for (or against) it and it might be implemented in a future update.

I compared the mini player in 3.5 with the mini player in Studio, and personally I like them both (they both have there pro’s and cons). I would vote for an option to put an option in Settings\Appearance to choose for different layouts (or maybe get fancy and let people choose elements they want to see or hide in the mini player?).

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Agreed. I will move this to the User Voice section. Thank you.

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