MiniDSP SHD with Audirvana Studio

If you are an MiniDSP SHD / SHD Studio owner, I would like to get your input into what settings you’ve settled on.

Currently, I have mine set at 24/96, no DSP, no plug in, no DSD. I’m on a 30 day trial and would like not to waste time experimenting.

I am using AS through the LAN input of the SHD.

Any help / advise would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, i am a SHD user too!
I am using all digital inputs, fixed set to 24bit-96KHz.
SHD can’t play DSD and does best at 24/96 for me.

A laptop windows PC is connected via USB to the SHD. Music can be played with f i. Audirvana 3.5 (legacy)from laptop through SHD to my monoblocks and/or from other sources like: coax, optical, usb (stick with special playlist) and (w)lan!!!
Even Spotify music can be played via Volumio!!!

I am using the SHD also for digital correction, digital crossovers and/or experiencing with Dirac live, so yes am using a SHD plugin and the Dirac software.

Anyway you could do a trial via other inputs and/or if you have a PC/laptop from there

In my opinion: “best sound comes not from wlan”


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