Minor glitch - Release date

If I fill in a release date 1/5/2019, the tag RELEASETIME reads 30/4/2019

P.S. Is there a specific place where to post such items?

I populated the RELEASETIME tag as 1995-12-03; Studio displayed this in the release date column as: 12/2/1995 7:00:00 PM. The date displayed by Studio is off by one and I have no idea where the time stamp came from.

I reported this to support@audirvana.com. I also pointed out that the RELEASETIME tag is not the best tag to use, especially for FLAC files, where the DATE tag is the standard tag for release date.

[Windows 10, Studio 1.5.7]

What time zone are you in?
5 hours behind UTC?

Yes (5 chars)

That would explain.
Appears that Audirvana takes your 1995-12-03 0:00:00 (midnight) time stamp, thinks it is a full date in UTC and converts to your local time zone which is -5 hours compared to UTC. So you get 1995-12-02 @ 19:00:00

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The RELEASETIME tag is something from MP3’s and carried over to iTunes. This tag needs to be retired.

Could be, I’m not that familiar with various tags, I try to stick to the YEAR tag, which is close enough for me.

There is no standard YEAR tag. However, most taggers will map the YEAR tag to the appropriate ID3 entities (TDRC [ID3v2.4] or TYER + TDAT [ID3v2.3]); my .dsf files use ID3 tags. The proper tag for .flac files (Vorbis Comments) is literally DATE (can be specified as yyyy-mm-dd or yyyy-mm or yyyy).

Awesome thanks! I learned something.

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