Missing album artwork

I have recently migrated to Audirvana from iTunes. Only about half of the album artwork is displaying in album view. Any ideas?

If the artwork is over a certain size it won’t display. I just do a google search on the artwork for an album and use Mp3tag to change the artwork. Mp3tag is free but I donate because I use it a lot.

What size is the max artwork allowed?

My understanding of iTunes is that it uses some sort of software to grab images from an online database. Because there are often different release versions with different art, you’ll see different cover art each time iTunes is in use. If you place a file in the the same folder as the music files for each album, Audirvana will use that instead. With high res downloads, nowadays you should get a PDF of the album cover and notes in PDF form and as long as that is in with the music you should have no problem. With other music sources such as CDs, you have to get the art yourself. One way to do this is to go to Amazon, find the album, click on the cover art to get a higher resolution version and copy that to your computer. Then re-title it so you know what it is and place it in with your music files for that album. You can make the file either a JPEG or a PDF. If you actually own the CD you can scan the cover and liner notes and make a PDF booklet and then do the same thing. It’s a bit of work, but once done, you’ll no longer have to hunt for an album because the cover is different one day to the next.
If someone who knows more details about how iTunes gathers art online, please add that info. I’m hazy on the details of that. Probably also on a few other things.

Same problem. I used on itunes about 3000 disc, and I imported to any of them a cover into itunes.
Audirvana shoes only maybe 150 of them