Missing minimise/maximise/close buttons


Using windows 11 with a display resolution of 3440 x 1440; 49.99hz (this is the recommended resolution for my size of monitor - and all my other programs work fine with it)

The buttons on top right hand corner keep disappearing whether it`s light or dark mode, the same thing happens across both modes.

I have included some screenshots for you. Refreshing the screen does nothing to help; it stays the same. Can you replicate and fix this please?

Screenshots 1 and 2 were taken 10 seconds apart after hovering mouse over the buttons - they disappear.

02 aud

Hello @Alavana,

Do you have this behavior only if Audirvana is using your entire screen?

It happens on both full size and reduced sizes.
The area surrounding these three buttons is lighter in colour compared to the rest of the surrounding area. Maybe problem is here? Who knows? Please fix it if you can?

What? So thats it? You arent going to fix this? Seriously! Is this what Im paying my money for - something you wont fix? What an absolute shower of sh!t!

Hello @Alavana,

I couldn’t reply you before. Does your graphic card driver are up to date? Can you also give us the Scaling setting you have for this monitor?

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