MISSING MOST BASIC FEATURES - custom vs. alphabetical sorting + searching playlists

Paid the non-trivial $$$ for Audirvana as some features didn’t seem to be working with the trial version. Namely, sorting and searching in Tidal.

To my dismay, disappointment and not a little surprise, there is no obvious way for a custom playlist to coexist with alphabetical playlists.

Nor can I search any playlist.

It’s all or nothing? What the proverbial? This is crazy.

The fundamental, most basic function for ANY music library wrapper / GUI, is sorting and searching. It’s why they exist.

You can’t organise a library without the ability to control its… organisation. And you can’t find anything without the ability to search.

A custom playlist isn’t a custom playlist if you can’t customise the order. You want a road trip playlist. It’s in just the order you wan’t. But you can’t keep it if you want your classical music collection sorted by Album / Artist. Really?

And it’s somewhat pointless going to all the trouble of making a playlist in order to hear ONLY the actual MQA version of that specific track by the actual artist - and not one of the numerous travesties by the Genuine Imitation Junior Primary Romanian Flying Weasel All Stars that those playlist convertors seem to love - if you have to search the entirety of Tidal every time.

You really cannot be expected to pick between custom or alphabetical. And a non-searchable playlist is an oxymoron.

When can we expect the most basic features of any library anytime soon in Audirvana?

Hello @russell.coight,

If you want to sort your streaming playlist you need to enable this settings in Audirvana settings in Sorting criteria section:

For search, you want to search the playlist you have made?

Hi, Damien3.

Most people have >1 playlists. I do, and I need to sort each playlist differently, but at the same time:

  • #1 is alphabetical by Artist
  • #2 is alphabetical by Album
  • #3 is MANUAL (my order)

Every other music library I know of does this (Apple Music, Tidal). We really need Audirvana to do so as well. It’s a very basic function.

For searching within a playlist, Tidal and APple music allow you to search for all the clarinet in your massive Classical collection, for example.

This functionality has been brought to Tidal recently and may not be available for third party software but we will take a look at it.

For the sorting criteria for each playlist, we will see what we can do.

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That would be pretty awesome! Many thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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