Missing Qobuz artists in AS

I’ve noticed that some artists in my library don’t load the albums and tracks Qobuz have for the same artist/band. For example, I have 3 Nirvana albums in my library. When I select the band in AS, it only shows me my own library albums. Now I know that Qobuz has plenty of Nirvana on the platform but none of it shows in AS. This only happens with some bands/artists.
I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting my Qobuz account from AS but this doesn’t change anything.
has anyone got any suggestions? I’m running the latest version of AS on the latest version of MacOS.

Hi @Dazza,

Can you please send me one of those track so I can check the issue on my side at support@audirvana.com?

As in a specific track file from one of the albums @Antoine