Modifying classical composer names

As a classical enthusiast I have difficulties with composer names. As an example I have now in my collection of ripped CD’s from my CD collection the composer Arnold Schönberg which is also spelled as Arnold Schoenberg. Let alone those variations like Schoenberg, Arnold.
I could of course modify everything by hand to a standardised form of for example Arnold Schoenberg. Much work as the composer is given per track.
I remember that in an old version of Audirvana you could modify names in one go. Probably that was the master index of names etc. Looking around in my last version of Audirvana Origin 2.4.0 I could not locate that feature. Is it not available or have I overlooked it.
Hope you can help me out

Go to Artists View and select an Artist, don’t click any albums… put info panel and change the Artist or Sort as like you want…

You can go to Tracks View and select all songs from an Artist, then put info panel again and change composer for all those songs and save…

BE SURE to only have selected what you want to change, because you will have a nice mess to clean :slight_smile:

Best thing would be to close Audirvana copy your .sqlite file before doing all those changes in case… then reopen Audirvana and play with the tagging… if you mess up, just close Audirvana and put back the safe .sqlite

Thanks for your effort and your clear warning. I tried to alter the name of one composer only and modified via the info panel the name and the sort, both from Arnold Schönberg to Arnold Schoenberg. To my surprise the artist name within a moment reverted back to the old form (Arnold Schönberg) but the sort could be saved as Arnold Schoenberg. Obviously it is not possible to change the name of the artist before all tracks containing the old name has been changed via your second method (the ‘track method’ to the name Arnold Schoenberg. As then no tracks have that name it should be possible to change the name via the ‘artist view’ method.

As I was experimenting with the second method may I ask what is the best way to select all tracks belonging to one composer, in my case the old name (Arnold Schönberg) which I want to change to Arnold Schoenberg. I took great care till now not to modify anything at all via that method given your clear warning and will surely make a copy of the .sqlite file before doing anything. It all looks quite complex, but if I get it right it will save a lot of time.

Thanks again to make this clear to and probably to a lot of other Audirvana Origin users.

Go in tracks view and add the composer field (right click to add or remove fieds you don’t want)
you can also drag a field to anywhere you like, shorten it or stretch that field too,
then click on that field to a-z order, then select first and last composer you want with shift key.

As an example I tried to select the tracks for composer Harbison, John (8 tracks in all) with the purpose to change all these tracks in one go to John Harbison. But I do not get the selection of those 8 tracks right. When I shift - click (all on Apple keyboard and mouse) I am sent directly to the artist page, so I never got to selecting these 8 tracks. Clearly I am doing things not the right way, but I thought having followed your instruction exactly. Must I right or left click on that Apple mouse ? perhaps that’s the problem. It are always the small things in computing …

Much thanks for your patience and guidance.

Audirvana is special :slight_smile:

Don’t click the title of the song, click on the black next to it… or on the black next to composer… then click again with shift key to the last composer… on the black next to title…

if not it loads the song or go elsewhere… you can use the command key or control on pc to select not all in a row… you can remove one after also with command or control key

in my pict, me i click on the white next to what i want with command key to select precisely…

like this you see where i clicked…

You are a great help, I succeeded in changing Harbison, John to Johan Harbison as a composer for all selected tracks at once. It takes a while, but thanks to your patience I made it. Sure Audirvana works in a special way, especially the trick to click not on the name but on the black (or white) part for a selection.
I have my work laid out before me to standardise more in my files in Audirvana.
Many thanks for your patience and instructions